This ultimate tiny home finds luxury in simplicity while traveling with you on your dream holiday!

Un article original de Yanko Design qui me donnerait presque envie de partir en caravane…

We’re all getting a little sick of talking about getting away and escaping to our dream destination‒ the sandy dunes of our favorite childhood beach, the quiet of the forest, the rocky cliffs and summit of a mountain trail we can’t stop thinking about– instead of talking about it, we want to finally just do it, and do all of it. Building a caravan that also functions as a stationary home, the new Astella from Adria offers a new luxury mobile home experience reminiscent of 1950s luxury airline Pan Am, for the traveler whose dream vacation is as changeable as the wind.

Following a brief to design an inspiring, new luxe edition of the traditional holiday home and put it on wheels, Adria concocted Astella. With luxury in mind, less is more with Astella. In a similar fashion to the famed luxury of Pan Am cockpits, Astella features an open floor layout that hinges on a simple design to highlight sophisticated elegance. Inside, the mobile home is as expansive as it is clean and subdued. Adria aimed to create Astella with clean, focused lines throughout its interior to enhance the mobile home’s high ceiling and spread-out floor plan. Featuring a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, Astella manages to pack a lot of luxury in a small space thanks to its simplicity of design. Built to be ergonomic and intuitive, the simple layout of Astella was inspired by hotel luxury experiences that highlight the home’s functionality and simplicity.

Embracing the home’s open and smooth layout inside and out, Astella’s versatility extends to the panoramic glass doors that sweep across the mobile home’s exterior. Adria set out to create a mobile home devoted to connecting an indoor lifestyle with the outdoors, which culminated with broad, sweeping glazed windows that open up the night sky for twilight star gazing and wide-open sliding doors that dissolve the barrier between the interior and outdoors. Astella’s exterior facades were also devised based on aerospace industry standards, coating the silky shell of Astella and each rounded edge with a glazed steel finish shaped by the wind to permit plenty of airflow for easy towing.

Designer: Adria

Rounded edges and LEDs give Astella an understated sophistication reminiscent of a Pan Am aircraft.

Inside, the refined elegance of Astella finds an open layout and simple design.

Leaning on cues from the aerospace industry for a windswept, aerodynamic exterior finish, Astella is as efficient in tow as it is luxe on the inside.

Panoramic windows and doors open the indoors to the outdoors, dissolving the boundary between the home’s interior and the surrounding environment.

The aerodynamics-inspired build of Astella allows it to be towed with ease and a lightweight feel that moves with the wind.

Equipped with a kitchen that features a stove, sink, and preparation area, Astella manages to pack a lot of functionality into its simple layout.

A refrigerator, stove, oven, and sink fill out the kitchen’s inside.

The bedroom is spacious and benefits from the mobile home’s integrated heating features.

Panoramic doors bridge the outdoors with the home’s interiors for a seamless transition from the home’s cavernous feel into the great outdoors.

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